Manure and Water Quality in Marinette County

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April 26th, 2018


6:30pm - 7:30pm




Scott Reuss




Manure is well known as one of nature’s most perfect fertilizers and is an essential component of all livestock farms’ nutrient management planning.  However, there are potential drawbacks to utilizing manure in certain situations.  The Marinette County Consolidated Library System and Marinette County UW-Extension are offering a workshop series designed to help county residents better understand how manure and water quality interact.

Marinette County UW-Extension Agriculture Agent Scott Reuss will lead participants through a discussion that will relay many different aspects of manure management in the county.  How much manure is generated per year?  Where, and how, does this manure get utilized for crop production?  What are the laws regarding manure storage, manure spreading, and other aspects of manure management?  Have there been water quality issues related to manure in our area?  How can we prevent water contamination from manure?  How do septic systems and septage management play into this topic?

Branch libraries will be hosting this discussion, with the basic information being presented first and then oriented toward points of primary interest to those present at a given site. The discussions taking place:

Thursday, April 26th @ 6:30 p.m.   Coleman Library   123 W Main Street

These events are free for anyone to attend, and attendees will receive a packet of information that will assist them if they are interested in doing more research on the issues that will be discussed.  An important part of the discussion is the questions that attendees bring with them, so be ready to discuss specifics!

Event Location

Coleman Library: 123 W Main Street

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