Parenting Resource Center

A Family Living Program

For Families with Young Children

What is a Parenting Resource Center? A place for you to learn to be the best possible parent you can be!  We provide you with education, resources and the support you need to build a healthy family. Everyone is welcome.  We offer parenting classes, play groups, one-on-one consultations, and a lending resource library.


Upcoming Parenting Classes:  

Raising A Thinking Child is a program that helps parents of 4-7 year olds teach their children valuable conflict resolution and problem solving skills.  These skills can help reduce problems that are common in families with young children like tantrums, conflicts with siblings, friends, or classmates, and impulsive behavior.  Through a series of fun activities they can do at home, parents teach kids to understand the feelings of others, ask for what they want or need, think about outcomes of their actions, and manage everyday conflicts.  These skills not only help reduce yelling and nagging at home, but also protect kids from problems later on.


Parenting Resource Center – Oconto County

Barb Truttman
Parent Resource Center Coordinator
Phone:  920-834-7006
FAX:  920-834-6853


Raising a Thinking Child Parenting Program Results Show Local Impact by Building Children’s Critical Thinking Skills for 21st Century Success

To view this Family Living Program Impact Report, click HERE


Parents and children can stop by, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Click HERE for brochure.  Make and Take – Parents will make a developmentally appropriate item for their child to take home.  Encourage parent and child to make the item together at the PRC.

Anti-Bulling Resources


Spring 2016 newsletter

Parenting Resource Center Resource List

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This list has resources that are available at the Oconto and Oconto Falls Parenting Resource Centers located at Oconto Elementary School and Oconto Falls Elementary School.

PARENTHETICAL – Where parents of tweens and teens learn, share & connect.


No matter how famous, how smart, or how prepared you are, parenting an adolescent can be a daunting task. Parenthetical is designed to help and support you as you prepare to meet that challenge.  It’s a blog, a website and a social network, all in one place, where you can talk with other parents and interact with experienced parenting educators and adolescent development experts from University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension.

Parenthetical can help you . . .

  • Understand your child better
  • Improve your relationship with your child,
  • Decrease your stress and
  • Connect with a community of parents experiencing similar joy and challenges as they parent preteens and teens


Programs include:

  • Parenting Classes – (i.e. Positive Parenting, Thriving With Your Spirited Child, Strengthening Families, Raising a Thinking Child, etc.)
  • “Ask the Expert” (ATE) Mini-Workshops – provides parents an opportunity to discuss parenting issues with community resource experts including a variety of topics such as sibling rivalry, helping your child succeed in school, self esteem, stress management, Child Passenger Safety, Dental Health, Nutrition for Children, Growth and Development, etc.
  • Information/Referral – a link to community and statewide resources for families and children.
  • Resource Library – books,  videos, pamphlets and handouts to check out on a variety of parenting topics, such as personal development, communication, pregnancy, stress, step families, divorce and behavior management techniques.  Educational and family-building games and activities are available for loan to families.
  • Warmline – Children’s Trust Fund non-emergency telephone link to parenting advice and information and referral services.
  • Family Events – social/learning activities designed to bring families together to reduce isolation and increase family time together.
  • Speakers Bureau – community professionals recruited to provide family education to the community.


Child Passenger Safety – Carseat check appointments available by contacting Lynn or Sara at  920-834-7000.  Location of checks:  Gillett Police Dept and/or the Oconto Fire Dept


Oconto County Immunizations at No Charge – Call Oconto County Public Health to schedule appointment, 920-834-7000.

  • Parent or Legal Guardian must accompany children under 18 years of age
  • Bring child’s immunization record

Visit us often as this program grows!